Digital Thermal Array

Digital Thermal Array THB0003L

The Digital ThermArray System provides precision thermal gradient information for geotechnical, geothermal, and marine applications. The main component of the system consists of digital thermal data acquisition nodes distributed along a single cable, typically spaced at uniform intervals. This digital technology allows for many nodes to be placed on one string without greatly increasing the overall cost. Data setup and
collection is performed by a stationary data logger system.

Subgrade Temperature Probe

Subgrade Temperature Probe EPB0027A

The RST Instruments Subgrade Temperature Probe is a 9' array of thermistors which is designed to be installed in pavement subgrade to measure thermal profile over the long-term. Two types are available: analog and digital.

Thermistor Readout TH2016B

Thermistor Readout TH2016B THB0006A

The portable TH2016B Thermistor Readout reads, displays, and logs up to 16 thermistor string points at the push of a button.

Thermistor String

Thermistor Strings EPB0013F

Thermistor Strings are curve matched to desired temperature tolerance over selected temperature ranges. This permits the use of multiple sensors with a single readout or data logger, eliminating costly calibration procedures.

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