Borros Anchors

Borros Anchors Subsurface Settlement Heave SSB0003C

Settlement Points with Borros Type Anchors are mechanical, single point devices used to monitor subsurface settlement or heave of ground.

Liquid Settlement System

Liquid Settlement System SSB0005L

The VWSP105 Vibrating Wire Liquid Settlement System is developed to monitor settlement or heave in soils and different types of man-made structures such as embankments, and earth and rock-fill dams.

Magnetic Settlement System

Magnetic Settlement System SSB0001J

The Magnetic Settlement System monitors either heave or settlement in soil and rock. Installation may be either as a single purpose device to monitor settlement/heave only, or in conjunction with RST flush-coupled inclinometer casing to obtain both vertical and horizontal deformation data from a single installation. The system is simple, accurate, and has proven long term reliability at low cost.

Settlement Plate

Settlement Plate SSB0010A

RST Embankment Settlement Systems provide simple means of measuring settlement under an embankment.

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