Convergence Monitor

Convergence Monitor EXB0003E

The RST Convergence Monitor is an economical, robust instrument for the continuous or random monitoring of ground closure in mining and civil engineering projects.

Crack Meters

Crack Meters EXB0007K

Crack Meters are designed to measure movement across surface cracks and joints. Crack Meters are available in 3 versions: 3-D Crack Meters, Vibrating Wire Crack Meters and Electrical Crack Meters.

Flexible Rod Extensometer

Flexible Rod Extensometer EXB0005F

Flexible Rod Extensometers are a low cost, convenient instrument for the monitoring of ground displacements. Designed to withstand severe field conditions and accommodate transverse shear.

Laser Distance Meter

Laser Distance Meter EXB0019A

The Laser Distance Meter is a portable device designed to measure distances from the device to a remote target point located up to 500 meters distant.

Rod Extensometer Single and Double Point

Rod Extensometer Single and Double Point EXB0006D

The Single Point Rod Extensometer is an inexpensive, simple, rugged, and reliable device to monitor deformation in under ground workings. The Double Point Extensometer incorporates the use of two points which allows the engineer to distinguish between dangerous deep seated movements and more trivial surficial spalling.

Rod Type Multiple Point Borehole Extensometer

Rod type Multiple Point Borehole Extensometer EXB0004F

Multiple Point Borehole Extensometers measure the stability and movement behavior of soil and rock masses.

Soil Extensometer

Soil Extensometer EXB0011F

The RST Vibrating Wire Soil Extensometer is developed to monitor lateral and longitudinal deformation of soil and different types of embankments and embankment dams.

Tape Extensometer

Tape Extensometer EXB00011

The RST Tape Extensometer is a portable device, designed to measure the relative distance between reference anchors fixed to the excavation or structure.

Tell Tale Crack Monitors

Tell Tale Crack Meters EXB0008F

Tell Tale Crack Monitors measure displacement (out of plane) and movement across a crack.

Tunnel Profile Monitor System

Tunnel Profile Monitoring System EXB00091

The Tunnel Profile Monitoring System is a series of linked rods, fixed to the tunnel wall, to monitor deformation. A data logging system and related software is available to provide near real time displacement and generate a graphical representation of tunnel performance.

Vibrating Wire Joint Meter

Vibrating Wire Joint Meter LB00091

The RST Vibrating Wire Joint Meter is developed to monitor joints of mass concrete structures.

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