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In 1985 GEONOR, Inc. was established to serve customers in the Americas  (USA, Canada and Latin America).  Since 1985 GEONOR, Inc. has been associated with GEONOR, A/S, its parent company in Norway.  The Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI) established GEONOR A/S, in 1957.  GEONOR A/S has manufactured and supplied NGI’s geotechnical laboratory and field test equipment and instrumentation.  Over the years new & different equipment has come into use.  Today GEONOR, Inc. serves 4 market segments. We supply and provide engineering and technical support for the following:

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1.     Meteorological
with the T-200B Series all-weather precipitation gauges from GEONOR and the SHM30 snow depth sensor from JENOPTIK. 

2.    Vibration Monitoring
with the INSTANTEL line of vibration & noise monitors for engineers, contractors, blasters, miners & property owners concerned about damage to adjacent structures.

3.    Geotechnical Test instruments
GEONOR, and selected manufacturers’ field and laboratory geotechnical test equipment to measure soil engineering parameters, principally soft clay strength by NGI’s field vane shear and lab fall cone apparatus.

4.    Geotechnical Field Instruments
GEONOR, R.S. Technical Instrument (RST) and other field instrumentation for monitoring geotechnical and structural performance of construction, excavations, slopes, dams, embankments, etc. 

Our manufacturers and suppliers include:

R. S. Technical Instruments

Our customers include government agencies and research institutes, consultants, universities and colleges, contractors and system suppliers.

Since 1985 GEONOR, Inc. has been has been the independent American office of GEONOR A/S Norway established in 1957 to supply geotechnical test equipment and instrumentation developed at the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI).

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